It’s A Vaporwave Christmas Vol. 3

by Pacific Plaza Records

This is a $1+ download/limited cassette released on Dec. 2 of 20 vaporwave songs with a Christmas theme. I usually skew more ambient but this collection is pretty satisfying. This is an irresistible collection that is already part of my xmas rotation.

Tracks like “London Bells” have a good bit of glitch and gloomy lyrics, which is pretty different for holiday stuff but at the same time time very interesting. At the same time there are songs which punch all the cheery buttons (“Kimonos at Christmas”, “Kaiju Christmas”) or open up frozen landscapes (“Statues of Ice and Jade”, “Snowy Morning”)

More pop-ish tracks are represented (“So Cold”, “Fireside Wishes”, etc) featuring a distinct vaporwave twist. Traditional Christmas songs are given an updated treatment (“Chestnuts”, “O Holy Night”, ”┬áRising of the ­čî×”). Then there are hardcore songs like “Fireside Wishes” or “Holidays on Molly” that loop aggressively and make you wonder how they even sound as good as they do.

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