In A Dream

In A Dream- Music (music/melody/motif) heard in a dream. Here only the logic of the subconscious holds. Time passes without regard to the regulation of metronomes. Scenes shift in and out of focus, unrelated and passing to the next in a blur. It is an encounter of another world, in the not-entirely-quiet quiet of the bedroom.

Mostly made with Eurorack modular synthesizers. Some re-mixing and EQ done in Presonus Studio One 6.

Modules used: Nerdseq, Mojave, Klavis TwinWaves, Sealegs, Magneto, RYK Vector Wave, zlob Diode Chaos, Make Noise WoggleBug, Pamela’s Pro Workout, Disting EX, etc.

Cover art courtesy of Bing.

#electronic #ambient #experimental #drone

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