Patch Notes For “Parts Is Parts”

This was a moderately complex patch with some subtlety. There are a few interest points.

I used Synapse to insert the Rainmaker Meh-Verb (custom) effect since I couldn’t figure out how to modulate the mix amount.

Finally I got to use the Flexshaper to do some wavefolding and it turned out amazing, especially when I controlled the amount (duration) of the effect with a Zadar envelope.

The two Distings were controlled over MIDI and modified by I2C from the Nerdseq sequencer. Chord voicing was set on the piano voice. The poly wavetable voice had wave offset and filter parameters modified by the Nerdseq. Both Distings were attached using a custom bus board that I tucked into a cosmetic jar inside the lower case.

Here is the patch notes file and some reference shots for knob positions.

Patch Notes

Case with Rainmaker
Case with Rainmaker
Case with Data Bender
Case with Data Bender

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